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T20 a hit for KWJCC

T20 blastThe 2015/16 season was the first full year of the transition from our previous program and the WACA Pathways. With any new program and initiative, there were going to be teething problems.

It was great to see the young In2Cricketers each week in their brightly coloured uniforms, their back bags in toe and their bats ready to go. Such excitement filled their faces each week.

It is a terrific program designed to teach kids in a fun and captivating way the basic skills of cricket allowing for the parents to be involved also. The parent involvement is just as critical as this give them the skills to go away and continue down the park on the weekend or out in the back yard. I only wish I had learnt at such a young age how to bowl, a skill I have never mastered.

Many thanks must go to Mitchell Hendrie who, as one of our U16’s took the role on of In2Cricket Coordinator. Each week he would set up and prepare the skills areas and guide the parents. He did a terrific job and with the assistance of Ben & Lachie Tyler and Cameron Sarmiento it was a fun, yet somewhat hectic with 60 4 – 6 years olds running around, time for all.


I would like to pass on my most sincere thanks to the parents who involved themselves each week with such a positive attitude. This is vital to the success of any volunteer run program.

I look forward to seeing you all return in 2016/17, whether it be to move up to the T20

Competition or continue along with In2Cricket

As with the In2Cricket, it took some time to get in the groove of things and despite some

inconsistencies in communication from the WACA, I feel all the season was enjoyed by all the

kids and many parents.

This part of the pathway that is essential to the development and preparedness for the kids

heading into U10’s.

We look forward to implementing some improvements into the program based on the feedback

we have received and once again, I look forward to seeing as many of you back in 2016/17.

Thank you again to those of you who offered positive commentary each week, it is much



2015/2016 Review


The 2015/16 season saw much success for many of our players:
Aryan Varsani – U13’s Maroon – state representative for the 12 & Under State Boys Competition in Brisbane
Deon Billington – U15’s Gold – state representation U17.
I would also like to acknowledge Michael Kelsey & Callum Douglas. Both these boys made it to the Squads for the state selections at Guildford Grammar during the January School Holidays. Although these boys were not successful in being selected to represent the state, I am sure they will tell you this was an amazing experience and one that will be with them forever.
2015/16 saw many of our teams make it into the Semi’s or the Grand Final. Congratulations to U15 Gold and U16 Gold for making through to the Semi’s. U16’s Maroon made it to the Grand Final but missed out, right to the end.
Anyone that was following the game on FB would have seen how close it came. The boys did the club proud and I am sure we will see them there again next year but this time, winning the big one. Our U13’s Maroon took out the flag this year in a game that really summed up there very successful season. We saw 2 x Baggy’s presented to this team this year and an U12’s State Rep. I was privilege to witness this win and although it was played out over 2 weeks, I think everyone knew deep down new this game was won after the first week. Kingsley bowled Warwick Greenwood out for 63 and by stumps on the first day; they were 0/50…Only needing 14 runs to win. The maturating and sportsmanship shown the second day was excellent. There was no evidence of over confidence shown by the boys, the boys batting batted sensibly and even when they knew they had one, although busting to get onto the ground to celebrate, they refrained and waited for the signal that it was over and it was then time to celebrate. As I highlighted on the day, this behaviour is a credit to the coach/manager and parents. I am very excited to watch KWJCC these boys develop over the years and although  know many of you will go on and play at higher levels, I hope you also stay on and enjoy the comradeship KWJCC. During the registration period and prior to the season, we were faced with a situation of potentially not having an U17’s team, despite having 8 or so keen players. The U16’s teams were light on numbers so to bring up players was not an ideal option but this was looking at our only choice – a roster type scenario where we would alternate players each game to play up. We all knew this was not ideal but there was no way we were going to not have a team and allow our 17’s the opportunity to finish off their final year of junior cricket with the club.
Time was passing but we kept at it and it, we knew something would come from somewhere. To cut it short, it appears Landsdale were also having a similar dilemma where they had too many players for one team and not enough for 2 teams. Through a very casual conversation between Rod Hughes and one the Dads at Lansdale, the opportunity arose to see whether we could combine a team. I was contacted by Rod and Ryan the President of Lansdale so the conversation began between the 2 x clubs and the association. The more we talked the more we could see this was possible and before we knew it we have KWLCC. Once again, thank you to all for your support throughout the year and I hope to see each and everyone of you back with the KWJCC in 2016/17.

Our Committee

President Mandy Rodgers  T: 0419 947 617 E:president@kwjcc.com
Vice President Lee Hickman T:0406 052 351 E:vicepresident@kwjcc.com
Secretary Julia Hendrie/Sharon Carroll T:0417 905 341 E:secretary@kwjcc.com
Treasurer Jacquee Kelsey T:0409 089 895 E:treasurer@kwjcc.com
Registrar Julie Lloyd T:0417 865 732 E:registrar@kwjcc.com
Milo In2Cricket Coordinator VACANT
Website Darrell Kelsey  T:0411 158 879 E:website@kwjcc.com
Yearbook Darrell Kelsey T:0411 158 879 E:yearbook@kwjcc.com
Photographs Wayne Hendrie T:0417 905 341 E:photos@kwjcc.com
Trophies Wayne Hendrie T:0417 905 341 E:trophies@kwjcc.com
Association Delegate Tony Ougan T:0412 101 741 E:associationdelegate@kwjcc.com
Sponsorship Lee Hickman T:0406 052 351 E:sponsorship@kwjcc.com
Merchandise Paul Reilly T:0417 970 892 E:merchandise@kwjcc.com
Equipment Officer Andy Billington T:0413 839 125 E:equipment@kwjcc.com
Coaches Coordinator Tony Ougan T:0412 101 741 E:associationdelegate@kwjcc.com

Our Philosophy

We welcome children to our club to learn to play and enjoy the game. We are passionate about cricket and will go the extra mile to help your children to develop the skills they need to be competitive.

We are always looking for new coaches, managers, fundraisers, sponsors and general volunteers to get involved by helping out on Friday nights or by joining our committee. If you would like to find out more about how you can become part of KWJCC please get in touch.

Thanks to all our sponsors

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