KWJCC Juniors

KWJCC Juniors

Junior cricket is the third and final stage of the Cricket Pathway for players aged 9 – 17. U10’s & U11’s is the transition period where the kids start playing a more structured style of cricket, start wearing more cricket gear, including pads and helmets and get a feel for what it would be like to play like the Australian Cricketers. Like all the age groups in junior cricket, the philosophy remains the same – all kids get an equal bat and bowl and are rotated to ensure all get a chance to open the batting or bowling.

Under 10’s & U 11’ are still in a comfortable environment where they don’t actually have to leave the field when they get out. This is a great way of getting to know the right and wrong balls to hit and have a small taste of what is to come.

Once the boys and girls transition to U12’ – U17’s when they get out…they are out. The game only varies slightly throughout the age groups, with the main differences being the boundary size, numbers of overs bowled, minimum legal deliveries each players must face but in general the game is similar. 

What will your child get?

  • End of season trophy (U10’s & U11’s only)
  • Team Photo
  • Year Book (hard copy on request)

Our Goal

It is the goal of the KWJCC to ensure sustainability across all age groups ensuring there is growth each year and minimal turnover within teams. This will ensure that all boys and girls get a game each week. This will only come from people putting their hands up each year to volunteer as coaches and managers, ensuring all of our kids get a go and more importantly everyone has a great time….